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Scheduled Clinics/Camps

Scheduled clinics/camps are two days in duration. Camp size is limited to eight students.  (see Details and Pricing as well as the Overview page on this site for more info/what to expect). If you’re interested in having a camp in your area, please contact me and we’ll set one up! I am also available for private instruction, with adequate notice, during the week in the Denver area as well as the days before and after the scheduled clinics.

Go here to sign up. You can use Paypal (pay to email address: dirtsmart.mtb@gmail.com) and credit card through the website. Or, contact me directly at 303-886-0288 if you plan on paying with a personal check or a credit card (non-PayPal).  Please send an email (dirtsmart.mtb@gmail.com) when you pay by Paypal so I know who is signed up and where to send pre-clinic info, etc.


August 2017

– August 5th and 6th: Madison, WI

– August 12th: Beginners Clinic, Denver, CO

– August 26th and 27th: Denver (Evergreen), CO


September 2017

– September 2nd and 3rd: Brown County, IN or Bentonville, AR

– September 9th and 10th: Minneapolis, MN

– September 18th and 19th: Sante Fe, NM

– September 23 and 24th: Philadelphia, PA


October 2017

– October 7th and 8th: Denver, CO

– October 14th and 15th: Santa Fe, NM

– October 21st and 22nd: Moab, UT

– October 28th and 29th: Austin, TX


November 2017

– November 4th and 5th: Asheville, NC

– November 11th and 12th: Charlotte, NC

– November 18th and 19th Santos, FLA


December 2107

– December 2nd and 3rd: Orange County, CA

– December 9th and 10th: Phoenix, AZ