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Scheduled Clinics/Camps

Scheduled clinics/camps are two days in duration. Camp size is limited to eight students.  (see Details and Pricing as well as the Overview page on this site for more info/what to expect). I am also available for private instruction, with adequate notice, in the Denver area as well as the days before and scheduled clinics.

Go here to sign up. You can use Paypal (pay to email address: dirtsmart.mtb@gmail.com) and credit card through the website. Or, contact me directly at 303-886-0288. Please send an email (dirtsmart.mtb@gmail.com) when you pay through the website so I know who is signed up and where to send pre-clinic info, etc.

*** Please schedule as soon as possible. Last second planning means you may miss your spot;

and if I don’t meet minimum numbers in an adequate time frame, I may change plans. All camps/dates are tentative until minimum sign-ups are met — I can/will shuffle the schedule if need be, so please contact me if you’d like to see different dates/locations. If you’re interested in having a camp in your area, contact me and we’ll set one up!


February 2022

February 5-6: Orange County, CA (Sold out)

March 2022

March 19-20: Phoenix, AZ (Sold out) Will schedule a 2nd clinic in April with enough interest. Contact me if interested

April 2022

April 15: Private coaching sessions: Denver, CO (Book soon, these will sellout quick. Email me at dirtsmart.mtb@gmail.com for info)

April 23-24: Santa Fe, NM (4 Spots available)

May 2022

May 6: Private coaching sessions: Denver, CO (8am – 12 noon session still available)

May 7:Private coaching sessions:  Denver, CO (Sold out)

May 14-15: Private Camp

May 21-22: Denver, CO (2 Spots available)

June 2022

June 11-12: Minneapolis, MN (1 spot available)

July 2022

July 23-24: Denver, CO (1 spot available)

September 2022

September 10-11: Minneapolis, MN

September 17-18: Denver, CO

October 2022

October 15-16: Santa Fe, MN

November 2022

November 26-27: Phoenix, AZ

December 2022

December 3-4: Orange County, CA