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Chances are, you’re here to learn more about what to expect with DirtSmart MTB coaching. Good places to start? The MTB Skills instruction overview and my coaching philosophy. Also, check out the DirtSmart Videos/Articles/Blog for skills articles, videos. how-to’s, etc. and to get more of an idea of what DirtSmart is all about. View our clinic schedule and/or contact me about having a clinic in your area at dirtsmart.mtb@gmail.com or 303-886-0288.

Mountain Biking Tips

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Check out the DirtSmart MTB Skills Videos/Articles/Blog. Lots of great riding tips, info on bike set-up, equipment/gear, training, and more!!!

Andy Dirt Smart MTB Mt bike Coaching

Who Is DirtSmart MTB?

My name is Andy Winohradsky. I’m the owner and Coach/Instructor of DirtSmart MTB. I’ve been a certified professional mountain bike skills instructor since 2007.

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The Dirtsmart Philosophy Mountain Bike Coaching and Skills Instruction

The Dirtsmart MTB Philosophy

Learn about what makes Dirtsmart MTB instruction the best choice for mountain bike skills coaching and clinics.

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  • Andy's mtb. skills camp was a game changer for me and my son. After riding mt. bikes for 25 yrs I didn't think there was too much I could lean from him that I didn't already know. Man was I wrong. My skills on the bike have improved dramatically since... read more

    Colin D. Avatar
    Colin D.

    positive review Great coach for any level. I thought I was a decent rider until I realized how much there was to learn. Andy is a wonderful teacher, patient, it TOTALLY changed my riding game. I feel safe, confident, and eager to keep practicing everything I learned!

    Sheila M. Avatar
    Sheila M.

    DirtSmart is life changing! I got one of these mountain bike camps for my wife and she came back a totally different rider. Her confidence improved drastically, she is smoothly navigating downhill technical sections that used to give her trouble, and climbing faster than ever. She even showed me some... read more

    Ryan E. Avatar
    Ryan E.
  • positive review Awesome camp in Orange County! Can’t recommend it enough

    Tom M. Avatar
    Tom M.

    positive review I wasn't a bad rider after ~15 years of experience but always felt there could be much to gain from proper instruction. I took Andy's 2 day course and gained applicable skills and knowledge immediately. I left camp with more confidence but the best benefit was beginning to recognize bad... read more

    Jason C. Avatar
    Jason C.

    Just took Andy's camp over the past weekend in Asheville, NC. I'm an older recreational rider with little previous coaching. I usually ride 3-6 days a week in DuPont or Pisgah. While I am pretty comfortable in the trails, I was sure I had plenty of bad... read more

    Jeff K. Avatar
    Jeff K.
  • I highly recommend Dirt Smart MTB. Andy has top notch coaching skills and he really just has a knack for helping people ride better. If you want to ride faster, efficiently, and safer! just get yourself to a Dirt Smart MTB clinic.

    Keene H. Avatar
    Keene H.

    Andy, I couldn't find a way to thank you for the two great days of camp we've had in Fort Custer!! Great tips, and awesome coaching approach, it was a total eye opener on the mistakes I've been doing for the past 3 years of riding! I'm definitely looking forward... read more

    Raheem E. Avatar
    Raheem E.

    I took Andy's camp in Park City a week ago (July 23-24) and I learned a lot of about high level riding. A great balance of technique and tactics. Andy was very effective in his explanations and his demos were flawless. Really liked the parking lot and... read more

    Arnie R. Avatar
    Arnie R.
  • Andy has a great way of teaching the basics and boy did I need it!! A ton of information in just two days. I know I will forget some of it but I'm already a different, better rider!!! Can't wait to get back on the trails and practice what I... read more

    Richard W. Avatar
    Richard W.

    Went you think you know everything and everything is wrong,, awesome experienced!!! Thanks Andy

    Miguel A. Avatar
    Miguel A.

    Absolutely awesome information and coaching. Andy definitely knows what he's doing. I would certainly do this camp again and recommend it to anyone I ride with.

    Jerry M. Avatar
    Jerry M.
  • Awesome information and catered to the riding style of each student.

    Brian L. Avatar
    Brian L.

    Just finished the clinic today, best MTB investment I've made! You rock Andy man!

    Frederick E. Avatar
    Frederick E.

    My wife and I took a class in Charlotte, NC a couple months ago now and it was fantastic! We have different experience levels as did many in the class, but Andy was able to clearly explain the topics and skills in a way that everyone was able to benefit... read more

    Jonathan H. Avatar
    Jonathan H.
  • Andy is a great teacher for all levels. He is very patient and entertaining. He keeps it simple so you can remember his lessons well after the course.

    Krishnamurty K. Avatar
    Krishnamurty K.

    Way exceeded my expectations for a class. Super instructor, excellent teacher and extremely knowledgeable on the subject.

    Luke T. Avatar
    Luke T.

    Really good teacher, great curriculum. I learned a ton and got the framework to continue to improve on my own. Highly recommended for getting faster or just feeling more comfortable and confident on the bike.

    Christopher Y. Avatar
    Christopher Y.
  • Andy is an excellent coach. In a group of 5 students of vastly different backgrounds & experience he was able to make every section of the course relevant to us all, giving us challenges & skills to work on & take away. I would not hesitate to recommend him to... read more

    Karen A. Avatar
    Karen A.

    Attended a camp with Andy this past weekend at Oak Mountain in Birmingham, AL. I learned a ton and walked away with far more homework than I could have expected. Before the camp I was focusing primarily on conditioning on the bike to race faster......after the camp I... read more

    Jason S. Avatar
    Jason S.

    Andy has made us better riders by easily 200%...we were doing things on day two of camp that we couldn't do before. He has given us the proper skill sets to have lots more fun, and the ability to go to many more places that I know we couldn't before.... read more

    John N. Avatar
    John N.
  • Andy does a fantastic job of breaking down all of the individual elements for a specific skill set (descending, body position, etc). I've been blown away at how much I was able to progress in a short time and I know that we haven't scratched the surface of what I... read more

    Harley M. Avatar
    Harley M.


DirtSmart MTB students consistently come away from clinics and coaching stating that they are able to understand MTB riding as simple (this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy!), and they are able to identify the proper techniques needed in any given situation on the trail. It is always my goal to break riding down to it’s most simple movements and back-up the techniques with an understanding of how the body needs to work — in athletic sense — with the design of the bicycle (some Science!!!). Position, weight placement, balance, vision, etc-and-much-more (click here for a camp overview), all need to be optimized in order to ride the bike well. This is crucial for riding at all levels, from the beginner rider, all the way up to pro-level downhillers where the most advanced techniques of MTB will be addressed. Students also leave the instruction with tools in the form of skills, drills, video, demonstrations, feedback, critiques, and a detailed curriculum to draw from and reference in order to always continue to improve their riding, no matter their ability level.

DirtSmart MTB Instruction was developed from eighteen years of professional gravity racing; eight years of professional, certified MTB instruction as the Head Coach for Betterride, the oldest and most successful coaching instruction company on the planet; sports-med education; personal training; a lifetime of high-level motocross, years of MTB industry experience including Yeti Factory Race Team Mechanic, professional trail builder, and years of bike shop toil and other bike-industry experience. Obviously, knowledge of bike and equipment set-up and design, training, nutrition, dealing with injuries, etc., can and will also be addressed during instruction.

You WILL NOT find a better resource for improving your MTB skills then DirtSmart MTB. If you are a potential student, I highly encourage you to research any MTB instruction organization that you may intend to work with, the organization’s reputation, exactly whom will be leading your particular instruction, and I am quite sure that you will come to the same conclusion.

Feel free to contact DirtSmart MTB for any additional information.