Video: Pedal Wheelie Technique

Proper Pedal Wheelie Technique: CLICK HERE

This video refers to a the “Pedal Wheelie” which is generally used when climbing. Usually the rider will be going rather slowly (climbing) and, thus, need to maintain or increase what little momentum they have in order to get over and beyond an obstacle.

This wheelie is not to be confused with the manual or coaster wheelie (video here: which is generally used when going downhill when the rider has plenty of speed and momentum required to get over and beyond an obstacle, but because of the speed and momentum from descending, the front of the bike must be manipulated in order to not impact the obstacle at speed.

EVERY rider that I have ever worked with has come away being able to do at least a small, yet functional pedal wheelie after instruction.

Small wheelies are usually all it takes to be successful on the trail. Often, whats gets riders isn’t the lack of height of their wheelie, but the variables such as pedal strikes; spinning out because of a lack of weight shifts and/or a lack of understand of power distribution and timing (the old adage of always applying steady and consistent power on climbs isn’t going to work in tough technical climbs); staying seated when they need to get off the seat; lack of understanding of proper pedal cadence and gear selection (thus, an inability to accelerate the bike)…all kinds of good stuff!

As always, this is in no way a substitute for real time instruction.


Video: DirtSmart Technique on Display!

Pretty cool video here from the Rotorua round of the Enduro World Series.


Remember the Switchback Line Choice video that you checked out right here on the DirtSmart MTB website? Well, there’s a little of that…

And the DirtSmart Tri-Pod Technique vid? There’s a bunch of that… This video was directed at less experienced riders, but as I mentioned in the video, it will eventually come in handy for riders of all levels (even top pros).

And then everybody’s favorite…The Lifting-The-Rear-Wheel-In-Switchbacks vid… Some very impressive displays of this technique in the VitalMTB video…

Of course, all these techniques are covered extensively in DirtSmart MTB Camps and select clinics.

I always say that MTB riding is about basics and building blocks: a 60 year old novice rider needs to properly read the trail and make a proper line choice if they intend to get down a tough switchback in one piece; knowing how to properly use the tri-pod technique is going to help beginner riders safely descend switchbacks without having to get off of the bike…And, yet, in the video, the same techniques being used at the highest levels…

And, on a kinda funny note, in the comments someone states that, “the key is to not brake once you turn into the corner…”

Every rider that makes it brakes almost all the way through the corner. Contrary to popular belief, you have to brake in almost any corner that is steep and comes back 90 degrees or more…you just have to do it correctly.(When the rear wheel is occasionally locking up, you can hear small amounts of skidding, and you can hear the brakes being applied…that’s a sure indication of braking.) The riders that crash are braking, also. They’re just doing it incorrectly.  It’s right in front of the commenter’s face, yet the commenter still passes on the ol’ incorrect adage of “can’t brake in the corner”.  My guess–and it’s only a guess–is that the commenter was watching the riders who failed–who clearly braked, but incorrectly–and jumped to the popular conclusion that you can’t brake in the corner…but didn’t notice that the successful riders were braking also. This happens all the time: riders don’t look deep enough into what’s really happening on the bike, jump to conclusions, pass on bad advice…blah, blah, blah…(DirtSmart students know about the “Three Stages of Braking” and know the secret!!!)