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Below are DirtSmart MTB blog posts containing mountain bike instruction skills videos and articles, relevant industry news, training tips, bike set-up tips…you name it!  Essentially this is information that most mountain bike riders will find useful and entertaining. As I always say, the below information is by no means a intended to substitute for real time instruction and interaction between a coach and a student.

Virus Update: Is it OK to ride your Mountain Bike?

Should YOU still ride your MTB during this Virus Crisis?
April 2, 2020/by admin

Pro MTB Riders Doing it Right: Video

Some great riding in this video. Take a look and let's focus…
January 10, 2020/by admin

Why you need MTB Coaching

To paraphrase a good buddy of mine who is a life long rider,…
April 19, 2019/by admin

Mountain Bike Skills: Early Apex in Messy Corners

Hey Everybody! I know I won't win any design awards for this…
April 12, 2019/by admin

Mountain bike climbing position. Video


This video deals with the adjustments in body position…
October 29, 2018/by admin

Solutions and Momentum Paths – Good Line Choice in Mountain Biking

There are three cool videos below that relate to good line choices…
August 18, 2017/by admin

How to Lead a Mountain Bike Ride

How hard can it be to lead a mountain bike ride? All you have…
June 10, 2017/by admin

Cornering on a Mountain Bike?

Cornering on a mounatin bike.
“Jump for show; corner for dough”

May 31, 2017/by admin

Brake Control and Wheelies

Brake Control and Wheelies
Here's the latest Technique of the…
April 2, 2017/by admin

VIDEO: Technique of the Week — Get Low


Technique of the Week -- Get Low

February 18, 2017/by admin

Technique of the Week: Fenders

I guess this could be more of a "Tip of the Week" instead of…
January 28, 2017/by admin

Technique of the Week: Brake Levers and Braking Technique

Welcome to this week’s Technique of the Week. This week we’re…
January 21, 2017/by admin


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