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Virus Update: Is it OK to ride your Mountain Bike?

Should YOU still ride your MTB during this Virus Crisis? It’s Springtime. The weather is beautiful. You’ve been itching to ride all winter long and now’s the time!!!…. Except that we have this damn Coronavirus mess going on! Also, we’ve all been hearing all kinds of advice, warnings, threats, dismissals, about the dangers and responsibilities that we’ll […]

Pro MTB Riders Doing it Right: Video

Some great riding in this video. Take a look and let’s focus on three things this rider is doing very well. (and check out the breakdowns and explanations in the text below): 1) The riders head is very calm (The “imaginary Glass of Water” technique) 2) Great line choices (lots after the 1:10 mark) 3) Jumping […]

Why you need MTB Coaching

To paraphrase a good buddy of mine who is a life long rider, shop owner, serious racer, and DirtSmart student: If you don’t think you need MTB coaching … and you’re reading this, YOU NEED MTB coaching! Check it out: There are two reasons riders seek MTB skills coaching or instruction (and we’re talking skills oriented […]

Solutions and Momentum Paths – Good Line Choice in Mountain Biking

There are three cool videos below that relate to good line choices in mountain biking. But, first, a little something on the subject: Reading the trail or track properly is arguably the most important aspect of riding a mountain bike fast and/or safely. This blog post focuses more on the Going Fast aspect of riding […]

How to Lead a Mountain Bike Ride

How hard can it be to lead a mountain bike ride? All you have to do is make sure no one gets lost, no one gets hurt, and everybody has fun, right? Unfortunately, people get lost, get hurt, and have terrible experiences on rides all the time. These mishaps are almost always preventable. There is […]

Cornering on a Mountain Bike?

Cornering on a mounatin bike. “Jump for show; corner for dough” Being able to turn your bike well is a huge asset to your riding. If speed, flow, and riding to the best of your ability is a concern, then cornering well is a must. And if you’re new to riding – a beginner, novice, […]

Brake Control and Wheelies

Brake Control and Wheelies Here’s the latest Technique of the Week video: “Brake Control and Wheelies” However, before the techniques in the featured video will make much sense, the rider must first understand basic wheelie techniques. DirtSmart videos featuring those techniques can be found here: Pedal Wheelie Technique; and, here: Manual (or Coaster Wheelie) Technique. Normal […]

VIDEO: Technique of the Week — Get Low

 (CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO) Technique of the Week — Get Low   How low should we be on the bike when we get to nasty sections on the trail? How much bend should we have in our knees? Well, essentially, as low as we can get and that’ll give us about 90 degree bend in […]

VIDEO: Technique of the Week: the “Rachet Pedal”

Very few riders — beginner or advanced — use the ratchet pedal as much as they should. Many beginner and novice riders have issues with pedal strikes — on rocks, logs, etc — while trying to pedal in technical terrain, especially on climbs. As we all know, it’s essential to keep forward momentum on tough […]

Coming Back From a Big Crash

I’d say probably 20% of my biz is from people that have a “crash hangover.” In other words, they had a big crash and are having a tough time getting their head back in the game. Their confidence is rattled and all they can seem to focus on when they get on the bike is […]

MTB Tire Pressure

“What tire pressure should I run?” I get that question all the time. It really comes down to a few simple things. It’s the way that these things mix together, work against each other, cancel each other out, and so-on-and-so-forth that makes it all very interesting, and thus, a real tough question to answer. What […]

MTB Coaches–Good vs Bad?

Rant Time!!!! This has been killing me lately, so why not whine about it publicly and get to off my chest? Haha… There are ton of mountain bike coaches and coaching organizations out there these days. Everybody and their brother (and sister) seem to be a “certified level blah, blah, blah MTB coach”. As a person […]

Mountain Bike Skills–Slow Speed Balance

It’s All About the Balance Some cool stuff going on, right here… Maga (in the video below) is a previous student who was the classic example of an animal on the road bike and smooth XC stuff, but, fairly new to mountain bikes, she was very timid anytime the trail got even the least bit […]

5 Tips for Tough Steep Climbs

Often, while mountain biking, we can usually get away with sloppy technique on relatively easy climbs and still make it to the top. However, when things get steep and loose (when traction is at a minimum) and obstacles such as water bars, erosion ruts, baby-head sized rocks, and who-knows-what-else, begin to appear on the trail […]