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Below are DirtSmart MTB blog posts containing mountain bike instruction skills videos and articles, relevant industry news, training tips, bike set-up tips…you name it!  Essentially this is information that most mountain bike riders will find useful and entertaining. As I always say, the below information is by no means a intended to substitute for real time instruction and interaction between a coach and a student.


VIDEO: Manual Wheelie Technique

Technical Climbing

VIDEO: ProperWeight Placement and WHY

Crucial Skills of Slow-Speed Balance and Why

Off-season MTB Training

VIDEO: Pedal Wheelie Technique

VIDEO: Lifting the Rear Wheel In Switchbacks (The “Nosepick”)

MTB Body Position: Optimize Balance While Descending

MTB Pedals: Clips or Flats? Ride Both and WHY

VIDEO: Descending Switchbacks and the Tripod Technique

MTB Technique: (DON”T) Lean Back!

5 Tips for Tough, Steep Climbs

MTB Pedals: Clips vs. Flats

MTB Pedals: Clips vs. Flats, Part 2

Find Your Proper Bar Height

Getting Air, Drop-offs, and Switchbacks

VIDEO: Descending Switchbacks — Proper Line Choice

Breaking Down Some Photos of Top Riders

Is Your Dropper Post Lever In the Right Spot?

Essentials for Your Pack

How Tire Tread Works

MTB Coaching is Too Expensive

The Best Type of Bike for Skills Progression

Vision: The Most Important Part of Riding a Mountain Bike Well

Achieving Your MTB Goals